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Whether you are remodeling an existing bathroom or working on a new construction project, Showers by Alpha Glass offers DFW's largest selection of frameless shower doors, bath enclosures, specialty glass and frameless hardware. Our family began designing custom, high-quality glass shower doors over many years ago and we have continued to be the industry leader in innovation and design to this day.



Unleash the potential in your bathroom! Imagine surrounding your shower with thick (3/8″) heavy shower glass. This is a contemporary style of shower with no frame – just gorgeous hung glass and a shower door. Many upscale hotels in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex feature similar kinds of frameless shower doors and glass.




To add a new dimension of space and light to any room, a custom mirrored wall is the answer. Let us create a special look for you with plain, bevel-framed or beveled mirrors in silver or in tints.



Vanity mirrors can be installed plain, beveled, or with beveled strips. Do you need holes for outlets or lights? Our technicians can accommodate every special situation that your mirror installation may present.


Custom mirrors will add a dimension of style and reflect your good taste!


Floating glass shelves are a beautiful and easy to clean addition to any design or home furnishing. The glass experts at Showers by Alpha Glass can help you design custom shelving to fit in any space or in an existing piece of furniture. Our glass shelves are available in 1/4" to 3/4" thicknesses and come standard with a flat edge, but can be further customized by choosing one of decorative bevel designs shown.



Whether you are creating a completely new design or needing to replace a piece of glass that has shattered, we can help! Glass table tops offer protection and style for all types of home furnishings, such as dining room tables, end tables, coffee tables, desks, and dressers. The glass used by Showers by Alpha Glass for our table tops comes in thicknesses ranging from 1/4" to 3/4" and can be cut to virtually any shape or size, including rounds, rectangles, ovals, octagons, or any shape of your choosing.



We customize our work to your home and style by offering a variety of glass options. Fogged and other decorative glass options add to aesthetics, while tinted and low-emissivity glass options help lower energy bills and increase the value of your home.


Whether style or efficiency is the goal (or both!), Showers by Alpha Glass is a leading choice for glass door service in DFW because of our high-quality customer service.




When multiple glass panes or "lites" are assembled into units, they are commonly referred to as insulated glass or insulating glass units (IGUs). These units use the thermal and acoustic insulating properties of a gas (or vacuum) contained in the space formed by the unit. Most IGUs are double glazed, but IGUs with three sheets or more, i.e. "triple glazing", are becoming more common due to higher energy costs. Insulated glazing may be framed in a sash, frame or in a curtain wall, providing good insulation without sacrificing transparency.


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